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July 21, 2013
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HPM || Ozwell App Sheet by Jhozula HPM || Ozwell App Sheet by Jhozula


|| Information ||

[Name] : Ozwell Tanook ( OZzwell - TANouk )

[Birthday] : May 2 (Summer)

[Age] : 24 years old

[Gender] : A guy

[Height] : 6''3

[Pokemon] : Grotle

[Bodystyle] : Athletic

[Home Island] : Affection Atoll

|| Personality ||

|| Affectionate || Goofy || Humorous || Nervous || Coward ||

Ozwell used to be rebellious.. Not any more. He had successfully left behind the ghost of his former self.. Though sometimes, this ghost comes to haunt him. He doesn't really like to talk about his past and would rather entertain people or distract them away from it. Now with that out of the way, let's hear about the new and improved Ozwell.

Pretty nice and sweet, the guy loves to make other people feel good about themselves or just to make them happy. He doesn't mind proximity and seems to forget about 'personal space'. He gives out hugs and glomps to everyone. But he can also be a little rough; tackles others playfully, noogies and tends to 'titty twists' his close friends, of course, he only does that to other guys. He loves to laugh and have a good time. We rarely catch him in a bad mood or serious. He always has a smile on and chuckles to the silliest things. But that doesn't stop him from growing nervous. In fact, Ozwell is quite the nervous type. He's always worried he'll offend someone with his jokes or behaviors. This leads him to cowardice. If he's caught doing something 'rude' or 'inappropriate', Ozwell freaks out and breaks into a mini panic mode where he'll claim innocence and beg for forgiveness. He's not the greatest flirt and lacks romanticism.

|| History ||

When it all started...
Ozwell Tanook was born in the jungle along with all of his siblings. His family had moved to the tropical lands to avoid cities' toxic air and pollution. They built their house by themselves and often travelled to the city to collect food and other resources that they might need. They were quickly followed by other citizens who desired a new beginning with clean air and untouched lands. The population grew in number and so did their family. Ozwell grew up in a large family consisting of many brothers and a few sisters. Young, the Turtwig quickly grew in mass along with the rest of his family. Food was plentiful and activities were limited due to heavy construction of the island. But unlike his brothers, Ozwell wasn't interested in helping his father in his job. He simply contented himself in going to school and doing some of his chores from time to time.

Bored and hungry for excitement, Ozwell began to hang out with the 'wrong' people. His friends were rebellious young teens who caused a lot of trouble around their small town and occasionally played hooky from school. Ozwell wasn't much of a dominant type, so he simply followed the herd and mimicked what others did-- and sometimes, was persuaded by the group into doing things he wouldn't normally do. All that just to amuse his 'friends'. It often consisted of playing pranks on the neighbourhood, setting off fire alarms, breaking windows, vandalism and sometimes, even stealing. Though Ozwell wasn't too great at stealing. His stature made it very difficult for him to escape the chase and his friends knew that. At first, it was supposed to be just for excitement and a rush of adrenaline, but as he grew older, Ozwell and his group began to do much worse. Their pranks were getting more dangerous. Instead of simply putting fire to a bag full of crap on a neighbour's porch, they would ignite firecrackers right on their wooden porch, risking a fire. Instead of throwing Goldeen and Magikarp in the school's pool, they would fill it with Tentacool or Frillish. Their humour was morbid and Ozwell was blinded by the amazing thrill he felt. Of course, their pranks were bound to enrage some of the town folks.

Teenage idiocy...
One night, the group began their preparation for a new prank. They were going to throw a stink bomb in the locker room of the Cheerleaders from the school. It was to explode right when they were finished with their general practice. Just when they were going to the showers. Ozwell was still a teenager. He was more interested in seeing the girls get undressed rather than putting the plan into action. Of course he was part of it. He overheard the others talk about a special concoction one of the guys had made just for the ladies to enjoy, but he shrugged it off and remained focus on the task at hand. Once the preparations were done, they hurried out and hid outside, their eyes fixed on the room's small rectangular windows. But things didn't go according to plans. To brief it out, the stink bomb was too strong and all the cheerleaders fled the room, though some with weaker health were unable to leave and were knocked out by the strong smell, unconscious on the floor. At the sight, the group fled in panic, but Ozwell stopped, remorseful. He couldn't just leave those girls like that. In his attempt to save them, Ozwell was caught by the cheerleader's coach, caught red-handed as he was trying to pull one of the girls out of the locker room. In the moment of panic, Ozwell admitted everything. He was in trouble.

As hard as he tried to explain himself, Ozwell wasn't spared from being expelled from school after almost poisoning an entire team of cheerleaders. His so called 'friends' never bothered to take his defence. They abandoned him, just like they did when they were chased out from properties... They never waited for him. Hurt and betrayed, Ozwell was now forced to confront his parents alone, who were obviously scandalized by the news. His father couldn't be more disappointed in him.
"I taught you better," his father would say.
After that incident, Ozwell was confined to his house, unable to leave and obligated to be home schooled. It was hard for him to concentrate.. The confinement only deepened his anger and after just a few days of punishment, Ozwell could no longer keep it up. His grades tanked and both his parents started to worry for their son. He spent his days daydreaming, doing nothing and sulking in his room all alone. He was slowly turning into an unsociable boy. That was not what his parents had in mind when homeschooling him. So one night, his father took him out on a stroll. They talked and tried to make amends, though Ozwell wasn't sure that he'd be capable of returning to school after what he'd done. His friends had clearly deserted him, and the other students might hesitate to approach him considering the part he had taken in that whole mess. His father felt heartbroken by his son's confession, and decided to take his mind off the topic for the time being.

The Circus...
So his father, out of the blue, offered him the chance to visit the new circus that arrived on their island not too long ago. The circus wasn't going to remain there permanently, so it was best to check it out before they left. Ozwell shrugged to the idea, and simply followed his father there, not really in the mood to goof around and watch other people try to make him laugh. But to his surprise, the place wasn’t as he imagined it to be. It was amazing, huge, filled with lights and colours. Amazing costumes and the atmosphere there was like nothing he’d seen before. His father then admitted knowing the owner of the circus. An old friend of his it was. He knew him very well and wanted Ozwell to meet him. Ozwell didn't argue, and, fascinated by this place, was nearly begging his father to let him meet the owner. His name was Arthur, a very tall and lanky guy whose appearance almost frightened Ozwell. Though out of the costume, the man looked just like an ordinary person, fascinating! Arthur was already aware of Ozwell’s little misadventure with his comrades and the school, but he didn’t judge him likewise. He was still young and learning, said Arthur with a huge smile, he still had all his life in front of him to change. Arthur’s words touched Ozwell deeply, and so, he decided to give his life another try. It was a shame to simply let it go to waste especially at his young age.

But.. where to start?

Ozwell carried on with homeschooling, helping his father with some of the chores. His mother taught him how to sew, something almost all the family members knew, and he helped as best as he could, though he was mostly looking forward to the night. At night, he'd go and visit the Circus to talk to Arthur and the other performers. They were all so nice, all so unbelievably unusual. Their performances, their acts, their tricks, everything about them intrigued him. He wanted to know more... but where could he start? His father had told him that they wouldn't be staying here forever. They would leave soon... and once they did, what would Ozwell do? He was always looking forward to visiting the Circus. With that less on his mind, what would he do? He wasn’t interested in going back to school, nor helping his father with manual labor or his mother with the chores. He just wanted to make others laugh, make them look forward to something; Entertain them. He slowly persuaded the other performers to teach him some of their tricks. He learned more from the Clowns than the others, since their act was more simple and mostly oriented to entertain. He was taught how to juggle and how to ride a monocycle. He took their teaching at heart, and practiced during his spare time at home, using his mother's tableware and some of the furniture. Nearly driving her crazy with all the mess he left and the noise he caused. Of course, all good things come to an end, right?

A father's love...
The time came when the Circus was preparing for departure. Their tent was folded down, the animals moved away and the performers packed up their bags, ready to partake in another adventure. Ozwell watched them with a heavy heart. He couldn’t believe how fast time had passed... He went, said goodbye and walked back home, a little disappointed that he couldn't find Arthur, the owner of the circus, and give him his farewell. Once back home, Ozwell went directly to his room, though he was called down by his father. Apparently, they needed to talk about something very important. And as Ozwell came to him, he was caught off guard as his eyes locked into the eyes of the tall, lanky man. Arthur stood straight beside his father, tipping his hat at him. At first, Ozwell was confused, wondering why Arthur was at their place and not preparing to depart with the rest of his crew. But his father quickly helped him understand.
Arthur and I talked, and.. we both came to an agreement. Me and your mother are way too busy with our family business to properly care for you. We can’t give you all that you need and our teaching has a limit. You need to go out, meet new people, travel to places you’ve never been before.. Arthur can provide you of just that. He’ll teach you discipline, endurance, perseverance and perhaps.. help you obtain something that you’ve been looking for.. If you want, you can go and work in the Circus with him.
His words sounded so unbelievable.. Ozwell had never thought that someday he might hear his father say those words to him. He was so overprotective of his family, so caring.. was he really capable of letting him go? Especially alone, with an almost stranger? He could hardly believe it, but as he stared at them, Ozwell caught the slightest shimmer in his father’s eyes. He was serious. After a few seconds of pure silence, Ozwell accepted. As hard as it was to leave home, he truly had no idea of a future in this island. Perhaps some time away from home would help him clear things up?


Life in the Circus...
Ozwell had no idea that circus life was going to be this difficult. At first, the transition went smoothly, but he was eventually called to practice every day, for long periods of time and then to perform in a very busy schedule; two shows a day, six or seven days a week, and that really helped him improve. He never gave up and showed that he was more determined than ever to succeed in each of his performances. He stayed at the circus for seven long years, learning and performing along side with his new friends, the performers themselves. They disciplined him and helped him change. With a new goal in his life, Ozwell grew to become a very successful man. He still loved to prank others, but entertaining them was always one of his biggest goals. Arthur was pleased by his improvement and he took no time in contacting his family about their son’s success. This would finally make his father proud.. though he had always been.

On special occasions, Ozwell would return home for a quick visit. Needless to say that every time he walked through those doors, his family was always taken back by his new body structure. Thinner and thinner every time he showed up. His brothers even started to make fun of him, telling him that if he kept it up, he’d bend over and break, but Ozwell took no offence to their commentaries. He would’ve probably reacted the same way. He loved the new him, and when you learn to love your own person, things around you somehow seems brighter and delightful.

Dare to change...?
But after spending seven years under the spotlight and in front of an audience, the Grotle started to wonder if performing was really what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.. it was probably time for him to move on. After all, his brothers and sisters all had families of their own. Most of them were parents now and some even left home and into a new island to live in. He was the only one left without a family of his own, just to be able to live his passion. He pondered on the subject for days, wondering if it was really worth a shot. Plus, he was 24 years old now, he wasn't getting any younger. Most of the performers in the circus were older than him, all of them had something in common. They were alone, with only distant families to write to. It saddened him to think.. that the only person he would be writing to would be his parents and maybe some of his brothers. Maybe he wanted someone to share his life with, because as successful as you got, it's never worth living alone. He finally made up his mind. It was time to move on. Arthur’s circus was moving constantly so it would be impossible for him to have a family where the father wouldn’t even be present most of the time. He’d miss out on so many things. He admired Arthur a lot, but Arthur had no family, no kids or a wife to care for. He was living his dream and that was enough to please the man for the rest of his life. But for Ozwell, it was time to uptake a new role.

The move...
After saying goodbye to his comrades, he took a boat in the direction of another island, another place to live. It was time for him to get a family of his own. Of course, with his decision, Ozwell was giving up on his passion.. but, his real goal was never to become a circus freak. All he ever wanted was to entertain others. With the experience he acquired, it was now possible.

|| Extras ||

[Job (Business Owner)] : Pet Day Care

[Shop Name] : All's well Day Care!

[Stock Type] : Poke'food, Poke'goods (collars, brushes, beds), Poke'clothes, etc.

[Theme song] :

[Cat Race] : Glameow

[Cat’s name] : Garry

[Talents] :
- He's body moves strangely and he often uses it to his advantage whenever he's dancing. He only does it to entertain others.
- Good at taking care of pokemon.
- He has great reflexes and good balance.
- He's surprisingly strong, can carry two times his own weight.
- He knows a lot of tricks like; juggling, fire dancing, walking on bare hands, etc. Understandable considering he worked in a circus before.

[Funfacts] :
- Dreads on most of the time, otherwise he has a huge bush like afro.
- He's not a fighter and will avoid confrontation with awkward dancing.
- He can make flowers bloom on his chest and his hair.
- He's always smiling.
- He talks a lot.
- VERY goofy around kids.
- Likes to mimic pokemon's behavior when interacting with them.
- He's not scared to make a fool of himself.
- He's not afraid of fire despite him being a grass type.
- He has good endurance of the cold and heat, though he has his limits.
- Tends to talk to other pokemon when he's alone, assuming that somehow they are able to understand him even though they can't really answer him.

|| RP Accessibilities ||

|| Chat RP // SEMI-OPEN
|| Note RP // CLOSED
|| Skype RP // OPEN
|| Comment RP // PENDING

Artwork © Ellie (me)
Pokemon © Game Freak
#Harvest-Pokemoon © *Zakanakai

Program used: Tablet (Bamboo), Photoshop CS, SAI
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